Reminder to Kiiroo Keon users: You can swap from battery to AC power adapter

First, WOW. I just swapped from battery to AC power last week and had a couple of hours alone to try it out. It was a GAME CHANGER when running through a couple of cock hero vids, hands free, without the battery giving out (or even worrying about it). It was the most intense finish I can remember having (was combined with a Lovense Edge 2 using Intiface & Scriptplayer). I had been considering buying a handy just so I didn’t have to worry about battery going dead, but the hands free Keon with full sleeve is so good.

HUGE thanks to user @hell1337 for taking the time to put together such detailed guide on adding an AC adapter to the Keon so battery doesn’t stop the fun before you’re done:

Instructions mod Mod Keon

This is the AC adapter I used:

The only ways I differed in the process:

  • Instead of soldering anything I just stripped both ends of the wire, twisted them tightly together, used strips of duct tape to snugly wrap the exposed ends, then taped the wires down to the inside of the KEON.
  • Instead of hot glue I used thin strips of duct tape to hold the wires in place.

I will say that getting the cover off with a flat head screwdriver, then back on at the end, made me nervous. Taking it slow worked out fine.


:sweat_smile: thanks for crediting me

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Have you had any problems since swapping to battery?

I did my best to make sure i didnt damage anything should the cord get caught on anything my drunk ass tripped on it trashing everything from the wall to to the power plug in to circuit board . Im working on a break a way connection now