Remote control Launch via website

I was browsing a reddit page r/ToyControl and found an old post where someone had made a website that used the buttplug app/code to connect and control toys.

Unfortunately I can’t get it to work with my Launch. I used chrome, and it does connect to the Launch, blue solid light and all, but the controls dont work…
Looking at, it does link to the github, but not been updated/worked on for 2 years now it seems. (GitHub - jackmg2/ToyControl: Share access to your toys accross internet! A webapp based on

The kiiroo FeelConnect 3.0 okay, but it really dont have any good partner control. Seems like only speed is controllable. Local it also have zones, but still not great.

Maybe someone else out there can check it out? Make a new site or something, i don’t know. Not sure if there is any interest in that kind of stuff. I know The Handy have a great web based partner control, but I haven’t invested in that yet…


i would love it if someone could controll the launch! please captain make it happen!

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I know this is a month old thread, but does syncydink not work with your launch? I haven’t touched mine in months, but it used to always work well, and seems to still be online.

Syncdink works, but that webside does not.

I’ve tried connecting to the Launch with chrome browser both on a PC and my Android phone, it does connect, but the controls dont work. Nothing happens when clicking the different options.

I just hope the Kiiroo devs will develop the FeelConnect app more. Feels like they just made the app with the bare minimum functionality and then abandoned it. But I guess the market might be small.

get an Handy :smiley:

Hmm, perhaps try another device. Just tried it with my launch and it worked flawlessly. Perhaps make sure that you click the checkbox after you pair it.

Connect local > start scannning > pair > select FL launch checkbox (redundant, but nessecary)

On the toycontrol webiste I don’t see any checkbox to select.

Solo > Sync > Click Launch > Click Connect

Then the controls show up after its connected.
A slider for speed
Buttons for positions low, middle, high, orgasmic and stop

On, I can connect and play videos with scripts no problem.