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Reopening a request

I saw a request and saw that it was close but I also want this request, is there anyway to reopen it?

@Maplefox Users with the right access rights can (don’t know the criteria/user level requred for that though). Click on the wrench icon at the end of the topic, before suggested topics, if you can see it. Tooltip name is topic actions. From there it is possible to re-open a thread if you have the privileges.

However, I just fulfilled a previously closed requests so just because they are closed it doesn’t mean they won’t be scripted by someone. But I guess that you might not be able to vote for it though, dunno.

i originally made the decision to auto close old requests. Open to feedback and discussion if that behavior should change

Is there a reason for closing them? The only reason is to avoid resurrecting old threads isn’t it? Accumulated votes over time should be a good thing I think. If it closes to early then I assume people can’t continue voting. Even if I mostly select things I like the number of votes weigh in too.

I think it’s good and bad, it’s good because it keeps a thread from like 3 months ago from just getting a random surge but that can also cause interest, which is good. I am not someone to really make these choices but seeing a thread I am interested in, and I am like I also want this to be scripted cause I am a big noob when it comes to that. At the same time it puts you in a weird spot, it’s like should you remake the thread or would it be breaking the rules at that point, it’s kinda unclear.

I’m cool with people remaking threads, but yeah that’s not super easy to make clear

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