Replace servos for sr6

Hey recently bought a sr6 and notice one off arms was not moving right. in process of trouble shooting now but I think the issue is with the servo ? Any recommendations for what servos to buy or perhaps one I can upgrade to ? Any info is greatly appreciated!

You should get the same servo as the other five

ds3235, ds3225 are most value coreless servos (smoother)

jx or 9imod 35kg brushless are a bit more expensive, quieter, but not as smooth

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if it was a recent purchase the folks who manufacture might send you a replacement for free if it was a quality control issue

The same thing happened to me after about two months. I bought a new one that was identical to the old one here. I haven’t installed it yet, though.

thats interesting, i have ds3218 servos and ive been thinking of upgrading to brushless cause of the noise, but if they will be not as smooth think i will stay with the cheapos
as i value more smoothness (esp for slow movement) over noise

Definitely use identical servos for all six.

once you’ve set the servo update rate to max (330) in the firmware, the difference in smoothness between brushless and coreless becomes gets smaller.

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