Replacement Handy Power Supply (US)

Hey All… My Handy power supply is starting to flake out. It appears that there is a slight internal break near the output connector so that when you move the cable the Handy cuts out and restarts.

I ordered a replacement from Amazon that had the correct power specs but apparently the 12v connector was slightly different. On this PS, the connector barrel was the correct diameter but the hole for the center pin was slightly too small (the pin on the Handy would not fit into the center hole on the connector).

Can anyone recommend a replacement PS (on Amazon?) that would be compatible with the Handy?


If you join the Handy discord channel (channel invite Discord) or post in the reddit channel ( you probably have a better chance to get a response from the Handy team themselves regarding replacement parts. I think they are here too, but I suspect that they might not monitor questions here as much as in their own channels.

I second that. Though I would contact Handy directly; they are helpful and quick to get back to you. Plus it should be free! Mine was.

Thanks, both.

Absolutely love the Calvin avatar! It was one of my favorite comics growing up! I still have 3-4 of the books!

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