Replacing an old script with a new one in OpenFunScipter

I had a project I created in version 1.4.3 before my computer conked out but I saved a partial script which I was testing before my computer died. i dont have the project just the funscript. I installed version 1.4.4 on second computer and having a hell of a time importing the script into a new project. Is there a way to import just the funscript into the new project? I have tried but keep on getting all kinds of weird behavior from OpenFunScripter

Delete the project file if there is one. Just drop the funscript in OFS. If the video name is same as video name, he import the video automatically.

Thanks man. I tried but I am still getting an error “OpenFunScript failed to import” :frowning:

Have you tried going back to 1.4.3? If it won’t help you can send me the script in DM and I will check if it works on my end for you :wink:

Husky, thanks. i punted and reinstalled 1.4.3. but now i am wondering how do people edit or improve on somonelse scripts if you can’t open them in OFS? there are partial scripts here i wanted to download and work on and learn from but i am not sure how do to that now.

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