[Request] Limit portfolio page to only show script/software categories

Would it be possible to limit portfolio in preferences to only show script/software categories?

It would be a nice QoL update. It would auto-create portfolios for every user that posts a script on eroscripts and is easily accessible from any post created by user - you just need to click on profile icon and then on “Portfolio”.

I did some research and it looks like it should be possible:


if theres any change for that id like it would be to change my username lol

Yeah different topic dude. Open up a thread for that.

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Please stay on topic. It really could be a nice feature for both scripters and users.


sorry, i wasn’t trying to go off topic. since a username and a user profile are hand in hand. I think these are both features that should be added. really should’ve been there to begin with.

generally sounds like a decent idea

from the discourse meta link you shared, it sounds like it will ALWAYS show for every user even if they have 0 topics in script/software category. I think that this is an okay tradeoff, but open to hearing what others think

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Portfolio tab shows up for every user even now and is the same as “topics” tab (even if the user has 0 topics created). You can check it by clicking any user picture who never created a post.

But by all means if anyone thinks the change is a bad or good idea please contribute your opinion.

I’m in for the change. Always wondering what’s the point of the “Portfolio” tab when it’s basically another “Topic” tab.

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Sounds like a good idea. The portfolio also shows tags for each script, so people can get an idea what the script is about.

I’ve changed it to only show topics from Scripts . I am limited to only 1 category.


Thank you! It’s great!

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