[Request] Tutorial Beginners Guide for Scripting

Hey there,
Is some one out there would could help me getting started with scripting?
I tryed Joyfunscripter via movement recording and it didn’t work as planned.
I woould love to make some easy but clean scripts but I can’t figure out how it’s supposed to work.
Maybe there is someone out there who could make a fast and easy explaining video? Or teach me how to do it? I figure there would be a lot more people trying to script there own scripts when there would be an easy guide. Maybe someone has some time to do something like that.
Thanks and have a good Day.

There is one already.

Frame by frame scripting is the easiest way of getting started with scripting and still get a good sync and don’t feel the stress when you miss points trying on-the-fly scripting. Use either JoyFunScripter och OpenFunscripter (both available in the software category in this forum). The guide is applicable for both of them even if the screenshots in the guide is from JFS.

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I found the guide for on the fly scripting but not for default but now I did… Thank you!

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