Reset input made through Handy web API

Hello there,

since im planning to combine the nogasm with the Handy im stumbeled over the following problem.

When running a script with the HandyControl and using the web API seperatly to either use setSpeed or setStroke, is it possible to undo the commabds and get back to the settings of the script?

The usecase would be upon sensing an orgasm to reduce one of the above values and after a short time resume to the scripts original value.

I did not find a command like “setScriptSpeed” or anything like this.

No, the API doesn’t support anything like that. You can run setStroke since that doesn’t interact with scripts at all (scripts are only concerned with speed and position - which is a percentage of the device’s set stroke value).

You could call setStroke and set the stroke to something like 50, then call setStroke with a value of 100 to restore it back to the full range that the script specifies.

If you call setSpeed, it puts the device in manual mode and stops script playback altogether.

To be able to call setSpeed, go into manual mode, then at some point later ‘resume’ script playback is possible, but would need to be added as a feature of HandyControl (or whatever else you use to play scripts)

Thanks for the answer. I was a bit confused abput the different behaviour of setSpeed and setStroke.

Since setStroke to 0 is not possible (device still does some movement) i simply will set syncPlay to false to get zero movement then gat it back to true if movement should continue. Together with setStroke this is a fine solution for now.

Reducing the steep and resuming later on would be a nice addition.

Finished the little python program today which should bring the nogasm to the handy. still waiting for the sensor to test it.

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