Restart script feedback topic?

There have been a handful of people asking about something similar. But also we tried this out in the past and it was rarely used. Any strong thoughts on if it should be restarted or not?

One alternative might be to use #scripts:incomplete-scripts and have some way to denote that you’re requesting feedback?

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The number of views of this topic and the lack of responses clearly shows the feedback. Most of the community does not show itself in any way, at best it will be a like.

Hi there…I’m sad that I only just found this now and well kinda expected maybe? Since I was wondering about a subcatagory for specifically giving feedback on those whom are open to it. As I’ve said in all my scripts thus far (3) that I’m open to it but have only received one or two comments in total. However upon adding a poll to my third one and seeing good results on that and adding polls to my previous uploads I’ve gotten good results if the thread then got bumped.
I think I’ve also triggered a wave of feedback to be given in new scripter’s upload possibly from being the first one to take the leap to maybe offend but at least attempt to give feedback though the only people whom have given feedback after mine were also scripters.

As a result I think that maybe it’s that people don’t know how to give feedback while want to spend the amount of time on it if they do have feedback to give. Which is why providing the easy select-able options when I did polls resulted in more feedback but extremely broad and non-specific of where I fell flat or did something amazing. So I still think that this would be worthwhile for new scripters to use and maybe even existing ones, having pre-built polls to copy and paste in or poll options at least to add in would be needed for it to be truely useful at feedback if little commenting occurs.

However of course these are my inexperienced thoughts though I feel should be valid despite very very very small sample size since I’m only drawing upon my own experience thus far with attempting to gain feedback.

PS I’ve often forgotten which threads I’ve downloaded scripts from to come back and give feedback too which due to me looking through a ton to pick what takes my eye I can’t find that easily since I batch download so maybe a reminded if there’s a way to detect if someone has downloaded the script from a thread might help too?


i think I see @Falafel doing a lot of this recently in people’s scripts. I think it works fine

I think the latter is the main problem. It takes time to draft out a feedback and not everyone’s willing to spend so much time engaging the discussions.

Also, it requires some scripting knowledge, or at least experience with scripts to type up a structured feedback. For someone new to scripts, a simple feedback consisting “good” “average” “bad” is honestly pretty generous.

What I would recommend to also include a poll asking for the device people used the script on so you learn something about compatibility. A script that works on the Handy may not work on the KEON.

Don’t count on me for everything Hugecat. Now it’s your turn to go through Site Feedback and review all the complaints about the site :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is why I said that having pre-built polls or poll options as I think that would be the most useful since due to my inexperience I don’t know what options would be good for me to understand while also for the poll’ed to understand it too. As with the current poll options I’ve tried are so broad I don’t know what I did that caused a script to improve in most eye’s while in some it was worse. This is the same with the script overall being god like for some while others it is bad or a nice attempt.
One such polling option I’m wondering about is where people if they wanted to point to a bit of the script that was really good or really bad that they select that and then say simply “good 1:51-3, bad 3:75-5:12”

I’d also like to re-emphise that I am also saying that having a subcatagory for making a topic which links to your upload that has all these poll options and ways to provide feedback. As not everyone is wanting or open to feedback which if it ever does start up with coming in en-mass (Maybe a bunch of people start a cult around @Falafel’s feedback trend :wink:: ) could result in spamming the upload topic instead of it being more for discussion. e.g. posts just giving bad or good times in script.

Personally I think leaving feedback as replies a good use of the feature. If the forum is about scripts (like everyone else says), then let people talk about the script! Mirroring the upload in another category complicates the feedback process imo. If people don’t bother clicking the blue Reply button right under the script to write something helpful, I doubt they’ll jump between categories to do the same thing (like said above, the category existed but had gone largely unused).

If people don’t want feedback (bruh) they could always ask people to shut.

I like this. I have tried to built something like that but it takes up too much space (you can’t hide polls inside [details] either).

Summary [poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
  • option 1
  • option 2
[/] [poll ]

I imagine posting polls as a reply will make it equally accessible (like this one). I prefer not to put them in a separate category which requires jumping between pages.

And I’m thinking about this plugin.

There is also an official reaction plugin, which is limited in functionality, but it is something beyond counting hearts.

There has been some good suggestions in Site Feedback and I hope admins can take some time going through them. It’s the little things that make people engage more often.

Hm yeah sounds like that is best of putting polls in the second post as I was worrying a bit about the length of my post when I added a second poll to it. Hiding the polls too would be nice but as you showed, seems not possible without using an external thing maybe.

Interesting, thanks for pointing those out.

For the rating plugin it seems like that was attempted way back then, though maybe it’s been fixed now and can be reattempted since it’s been sometime since said last attempt? Or there’s an alternative now?

With the reactions one…well that seems like an alternative really if it has a number reaction however isn’t viewable until you go into the topic it seems.

I’m not surprised if the admins have a massive backlog of things to do as well…looking at the user count to staff…it’s really bad looking at least compared to what I know from my time doing discord moderation.

Just my observation (also applicable to me I’m afraid): Among replies to the shared scripts, if you focus on feedback (already minor part), most of them comment on the video or performer. From those few percent that mention the script, most of them were written before trying it out (just by checking the heatmap for example).
It boils down to the male nature - once you came, don’t come back… :sunglasses: For me there are only rare cases when script is either extremely good or bad (or broken) to return to the post to comment on it, which is unfortunately the exact opposite what I believe most scripters would like. :disappointed_relieved: