Discourse Reactions Plugin

Saw discourse meta using this. Might be a fun little plugin to have?

Can help with community engagement I guess. Won’t hurt to express my gratitude with more than a heart icon, or giggle at some unhinged comments.

Scripters are craving feedback to their efforts. Any response matters.

(If this does get added, which emojis to be included will be a subject for discussion)


I’d like to see it. I think these reactions are a nice to have thing. Would like to see it getting tried out here. If it’s not well received after a testing phase, it can always get removed.


I think this would finally be the way to quickly tell scripters if people found the scripts enjoyable or not

I think admins need to be careful adding negative emojis into the reaction list.
This would be a better plugin for the purpose if hugecat ever figure it out:

Agreed though if the plugins one is still not possible to be done this could be more useful then especially with providing feedback.

I don’t think this would be very useful in providing feedback. My concern is that if we add reaction emotes such as “:-1:” or “:skull:”, people will use them because they don’t like the content, even if the script is well made.

The point I see in this plugin is more about community engagement. It adds a level of depth to the simple “:heart:” counter we currently have.

And if the plugin is officially supported by discourse devs, why not.

Oh wait I think I realize that I made a mistake in understanding the plugin page as I took the first bit of the post as a screenshot where the emotes had names beside them not realizing that’s part of the forum section…whoosp. As if was possible to have custom names for emojis then could have one say “nice vibrations”. Though again I now realize I was mistaken with my understanding…whoosp sorry.

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