Restim - e-stim audio generation

Restim is a program for three-phase e-stim audio generation for DIY stereostim boxes. With this software you can adjust the signal parameters and feel the effect immediately. A new method is used for generating three-phase audio that allows for well-controlled stroking sensations for many different electrode placements.

MultiFunPlayer is used to handle funscript and video sync, it can also connect with Intiface Central.


I use this with Mediaplayer Classic > Multifunplayer > Restim. If converting a funscript with Restim fails, open it up in a text editor like notepad++ and remove any asian characters from the bottom of the text (scroll straight down). Save it and try to convert again and you’re good. This messed me up for a bit.

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I can run the tests without issue , but when multifunplayer runs it LOOKS like it’s working (the little green dot moving to the funscript) but no sound is coming out of my external speakers (the one that would be connected to stim device) - i click test and it works without issue - using windows wmd driver , will play with others ans see if i can get it working .

ok crap , you need to click “start audio” … really sucks if your vid playewr is devovr or whirlygig (both inside vr goggles) as i have to take off the goggles and click play - guess im putting a suggestion on gitlab

Of course you have to click start audio. Sending signals without explicit activation from the user would be a very big safety issue :cold_face:

My workflow is first start the audio with one of the patterns and slowly increase the box volume until the sensation starts. Then I perform initial calibration (usually only takes a few seconds), stop pattern and put on the headset. After that I mostly use the physical dial on the box to control the volume and maybe remove the headset during breaks to make minor calibration adjustments.

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let me say thanks for your work… Restim opens up new worlds… and works pleasantly on my 2-b (I know, I know everyone is gonna rip on me now…) but it works and feels good so THANK YOU.

I second the thank you , i had my own issues but once i got the app working it does work quite well :slight_smile: !!

did you use a specific calibration setting in restim regarding the 2B?

first off thanks for joining and asking questions. At the time I only went with standard settings. I saw this weekend diglet has released a new version of restim with explicit settings for the 2b/312… would recommend trying that.

The latest version unlocks lower frequencies when selecting the 312/2B mode, which are not safe for use with stereostim.

Someone on discord tested this with a 312, said a frequency around 100hz works best. I have no data on what works best on the 2B. Feedback is appreciated.

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v1.12 Windows 7 x64 compatible compile.
Mega link