Retiring from paid scripting; my scripts are now free

Hey, everyone. I know I haven’t been as active in the scripting community within the past year or so. This has been due to many major life changes that happened suddenly with my family that I’d prefer not to share. But it took up most of my time and energy, and also added a ton of stress.

Over the past few months as I was somewhat getting back to normal, I thought I’d get back into scripting at a normal pace. But I realized I don’t have the mental energy to keep it up at my previous pace anymore. Scripting stopped being “fun” for me after my 3rd script back in 2019. I only ever liked the end result (don’t we all). Plus the added paid scripting responsibilities of maintaining requests/commissions, giving feedback, dealing with piracy, responding to daily messages while also working a full-time job was overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming anyone other than myself; I just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Also, I won’t be scripting Hentai any further. Hopefully others will continue where I left off (I haven’t checked the forums in a long time, maybe some already have). Honestly, I made hentai scripts mostly out of habit. Fun fact, I haven’t used a single hentai script since mid-2020. I still like hentai, but I don’t care to watch them with scripts anymore. I won’t be updating my older hentai scripts, although I’ve heard many people say they were fine as is.

Overall, I’d like to just take a backseat in this community from now on. I may make a VR script every so often if I’m up for it, but it would be free. I’ve decided to remove all of my paid and free scripts from SLR and RealSync, and releasing them for free on this forum. You may modify them, trim them, use them in compilations, etc. I have no plans of removing them as I do not intend on selling scripts again. I just ask that you do not use my scripts for profit in any way or claim the scripts as your own; credit would be nice.

I appreciate all the support everyone had for me and I hope you all continue to support other scripters. As a reminder, scripters take an immense amount of time to make scripts well. The community lives or dies by them, so keep them happy :slight_smile: . Thank you, @Realcumber, @raser1, and @Evernessince for working with me, and I wish you all the best.

All of my scripts will be in my MEGA folder listed on my Script Index page. I’ll be editing the individual script topics over time and moving them to the Free Scripts section.


First, let me start by saying (and I think all members of this forum share this sentiment) THANK YOU for all you have already done. You are an incredible scripter and community member. I lurk quite a bit more than I post, and your name is immediately associated with the highest quality scripts and absolutely fantastic advice/assistance

Regarding your stepping back, totally understandable. We all have times in life when some things must take a front and center role and lesser responsibilities have to necessarily take a back seat. Again, please refer to point 1. Thank you. Take some time for yourself to shed all that excess stress, regardless of whether or not you chose to make another script ever again.

Third, again, thank you. Making your entire portfolio freely available is INCREDIBLY generous and a gift to this entire community!


Thank you for your dedication to scripting and the community. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I hope you are able to de-stress as I know the pressure of scripting on top the pandemic is a lot for anyone to handle.


Its a lot to handle for sure. Thanks for your support to the community. Monetization for scripting is a huge hassle and stress. The pay is also poo poo for the amount of effort put. Kudos to those that can do it though.

Thanks for everything you’ve done man.


Thanks for all the scripts you made over the years, I particularly loved your Hentai scripts.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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First of all, I’m very sorry to hear what you have/are going through and hope things will get better for you. I know we haven’t communicated before but if you need support, my inbox is always open to talk.

Having said that, thank you so much for your contribution throughout the years. I’ve always enjoyed your scripts and bought quite a few on realsync when it was the main place to get premium scripts. Those scripts are some of my favourite of all time after all these years.


thanks for everything you’ve done bumdude. hope your personal situation is improving


a big thanks for all your contribution to this community. Hope everything gets better in your personal life

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damn well hope you feel better and life will improve i was dealing with BPPV for like 5 hours earlier today

@bumdude I will really miss you and the many many chats we have had over the years, one on one, and a ton also with @raser1

You are one of the most stand-up guys I’ve ever met and I am really grateful to have been able to get to know you so well these past years that have flown by so fast

I completely respect your decision and I completely respect you

Although we all live different lives, I fully sympathize with all your feelings, and I think many of us, especially the more veteran scripters have felt the same way you have, at some point in time, in one way or another.

I wish you all the best in the life, and hope many good things come your way - a good guy like you truly deserves it :beers:


Dont have a VR setup but wanted to just say thank you for sharing your work. Hope your personal life gets better . Thanks

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It is sad to see a legend go inactive.

I wish you the best for your future!


much respect to you and THANK YOU for the great scripts you have provided this community with, i wish nothing but the best for you going forward, may life improve for you and happiness come your way :slight_smile:


Thanks so much man for all the awesome scripts and for being a cool guy, I hope that the changes in your life are working out well for you


I already bought most of your VR scripts over the years, but I really do appreciate that you’ve decided to give them away to the community for free as it will give me the opportunity to pick up some of your other ones for free.

As a scripter myself, I know how time consuming and painful script creation can be… but I regardless I wish you the best bumdude!


It’s sad to see you stop scripting, but we all understand. You have to do what’s best for you and scripting has been a burden rather than an escape. I wish the best for you and your family. Thanks so much for everything you have contributed over the years. It is amazing that you decided to release all your work for free and very generous. I especially want to say thanks for many of the hentai scripts as I really enjoyed those!

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Cheers buddy, take care of you and thanks for your contribution with this community.

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Thank you for all your scripts, and best wishes for you and your family. Taking care of your mental health by getting rid of stressors is a very sane and sensible decision!

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Big thanks to all your hard work, and an even bigger appreciation for putting these up for the community to enjoy. Wishing all the best.

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