Returning Votes when Requests Closed

First time I’ve hit my vote limit for requests…
Would be good to (ideally) have them not count to the quote and they are identified separately.
Alternatively, your votes just get deleted when the request is closed.
This saves going back through your votes when you hit the quote and needing to delete those which have either been actioned or expired.


I believe it should automatically do what you’re describing.

Can other people confirm if you’re facing the same issue?

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I had the same problem. After i hit the limit i had to remove the votes maually

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yeah it doesnt give it back. You have to manually go back and take back your vote.

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Same with me. I’ve never had a vote returned with a closed or solved request.

Can confirm.

Can also confirm it doesn’t give them back

that’s unusual, I’m double checking the plugin and it’s supposed to do so

There was a bug for something similar, but it seems like it shouldn’t apply to us… Votes not being returned on topic close - #5 by JammyDodger - bug - Discourse Meta

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