Review of dezyred's new scripts

Hello, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon dezyred. When I joined vrbangers I found this interesting button on the top of their site: “Interactive”; I figured that this would lead me to their interactive videos with scripts, but instead opened up a different website. At the time after reading through this website, I realised that this didn’t have any scripts and was instead something completely different.

So what is dezyred?
Dezyred offers different interactive VR experiences that you can buy for coins. These coins are their currency for the website and you have to pay for them. There is no all-inclusive subscription and the prices can actually be quite high. You can also start the experience for free and unlock the content as you go.

This interactive experience is not a normal VR video with interactive scripts. Actually when I stumbled upon dezyred it didn’t have any scripts. So what they mean with “interactive” is actually a VR Porn visual novel-like game experience. Where you can unlock different scenarios as you choose from the available options. Everything is in VR video format and every scene is fully acted with the pornstars available for the experience. When you buy the interactive experiences, you can see what is featured, like how many scenes there are and what type, the amount of pornstars in the experience and some other features like bonus scenes etc.

You can navigate through this experience with different interactions, like observing, picking up/interacting and moving to the next location. Just point towards something and it either shows an interaction or it doesn’t.
Observing allows the protagonist to give a comment about whatever you observed.
Picking up / Interacting allows you to find things that you may need for progressing.
Moving to the next location teleports you to the next scene.

The explorable locations have a 360° view to look around and explore, while the scenes feature a 180° view.

You can gain achievements while playing and unlock the different scenarios either with the interactions or through chat options with the pornstars. Everything you say is fully voiced by the protagonist and every option can either lead you to a good ending or a bad ending. It is not too easy to find out what will lead to which ending and sometimes needs more stuff to be done at the right time.

So this is mostly it about the experience as it was, when I found out about dezyred. But yesterday I noticed an update in their app mentioning that scripts for the handy have been added. They said something about the scenes being labeled with a “script” label, but I couldn’t find anything that would tell me about this. So I just tried one of the games, that had one scene with a big yellow label saying “interactive”. I though that this scene could probably have a script so I tried to unlock it. Let’s say I didn’t get to unlock this scene yet, but found something more interesting. I unlocked two other scenes, one being a “bonus scene” and the other just a normal one without any label and both of them had a script. I was quite surprised when the handy started moving.
So I tried the scripts and here is my conclusion.

The scripts are better than AI generated scripts, but not as good as something from, for example, @Realcumber . If I would have to rank them, then they can be enjoyed, but they don’t feel like they use the full potential of the handy and sometimes seem a little to fast, not out of sync, but not smooth. If anyone ever tried an Afesta script, they know the feeling of the script working, but also not really being smooth.

So to summarize, dezyred has interactive scripts that work with the handy now. They are not as good as something handcrafted by one of the better scripters here, but they are in sync and better than AI scripts.

Would I recommend this experience?
I guess if you really like the game aspect behind this and want to experience this exclusive content, then go for it, but it’s also a little expensive, with some of them costing around 30€. If you just want to experience VR Porn with interactive scripts, it’s probably not the right thing for you. I had to try over and over again to find what works and what doesn’t and this can be very annoying.

As a little bonus information: One of the bonus scenes was a full video of the VRconk website featuring that pornstar of the game and this was also fully scripted, so I got content that I wouldn’t even get with a subscription to VRconk, at least for now. Maybe this step from dezyred could be a hint for their other network websites getting scripts soon.

Maybe some of you also found this new feature and tested it. I would really love to hear your experience with the scripts.

Update: Since I originally posted my review, Dezyred officially anounced their funscripts and Handy support. They also flagged all the games with scripts, with the correct label. At the moment everything but the tutorial has scripts.


…so it’s pay to wank? Like quite literally you have to keep feeding ‘coins’ in to keep it going? And if you run the same scenario more than once, do you need to pay for it all over again?

Cos if so, that has to be one of the most cynical ways to farm money from peeps so far. i get it if there’s a girl on the other end actually working for tips, but to pay to have to keep tipping a recording not to stop, however ‘interactive’ it is, is pure greed imo. You did mention it was quite expensive, so i feel a little triggered. Thank you for the detailed review!

Subscription based is one thing. Pay per stroke is quite another…

No, it’s not P2W(ank). I didn’t explain the coin system in depth since I really just wanted to give a short explanation and a review of the new scripts. But I guess here is the more in depth explanation about payment.

Dezyred has a coin currency system and offers various preset amounts that can be bought through the Epoch payment service that many Porn sites use nowadays.

The amounts give you a “bonus” depending on how much money you are spending, meaning you get more coins for the money than with lower amounts. There is also a coin subscription, but I don’t see a good reason to get this, when you are just playing the games. It’s not enough to buy the more pricey ones and I guess it’s probably meant for the people that use Dezyred’s VR cams. Because Dezyred offers a VR cam service, where you can use the same currency to tip the streamers.

I generally don’t like the VR cams, because everytime I joined they were just sitting there and nothing really happened, most of them still wearing clothes.

With those coins you can either fully buy the game and unlock everything. The game is then permanently fully unlocked for playing or you can start free and pay for the content as you unlock them ingame. They are also fully unlocked afterwards, but you will probably spend more money this way.

You don’t have to pay multiple times and after you reached the content in game you have them unlocked for easier access, after all it is a visual novel kind of game, so you have to play the game to get to the scenes and again they are not as easily unlocked as you would think. After unlocking you can also download the scenes in the preferred quality.

And yes some of them are really expensive, but they are not as cheap in production as you would expect. You can play the tutorial for free to get an idea of how the games work and the cheaper games can be fully unlocked for less than 100 coins, but the minimum amount for one time charge is 100 coins, which equals $12. But other games go for $30 or more, which is really quite expensive and that’s why it’s really not for everyone, even less if you just want to watch some VR porn. But for everyone that likes visual novel like games and the classic porn stories, you can get exclusive scenes maybe with some of your favorite porn stars and have them connect with your handy.

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…ah, thanks for explaining it!

Yeah, i thought we’d gone full porn dystopia, sorry… xD

Yea, i like the idea of an interactive VR porn game. Just had a glance at the site, they would appear to be full Q2 compatible, no PC required, which is an absolute dealbreaker for me, so that’s nice!

Obviously i’m only interested in a scripted experience, is it obvious from the menu which one’s those are?

It all sounds quite fun, i might give it a go… later… when i’m allowed… Quite happily throw 30 gold pieces at an evening’s entertainment, if it really is a whole evening’s worth, and i get to do it again if i want…

I can confirm that it’s Quest 2 compatible, I’ve tested it with the Quest 2.
There is sadly no indication which is scripted and which isn’t. There is a good chance though that everything might already be scripted. I can confirm that the game with Demi Hawks is scripted and you get 2 full bonus scenes that are practically videos from the other network sites, but completely scripted. I thought about testing another game, but there are only two cheap ones left and they don’t come with a lot of content. The estimate of how long they are, is always on the shop page. So if they are true time representations, you will get a very long evening out of 30 gold pieces. But I guess the time representations consider the option of watching every possible scene fully, not including the bonus scenes, because they bring close to an hour of watch time per bonus scene alone.

I’ve found that the videos are consistently 0.5 - 1 second ahead of the handy and the site offers no way to sync the two. Really kills the immersion for me. Tried contacting customer service and they haven’t responded in over a week

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Same for me, and no possibility to pause which sometimes resynchronises on others apps. I happened to solve this using the +10s and -10s buttons but it’s very tricky and really not miraculous. Let us know if you finally get an answer.

Otherwise, it seems all the game scenes are scripted (but not the bonus scenes), and the scripts are not crazy but suffisciently enjoyable. I endure many bugs during the games (black screens, unexpected return to the dezyred menu) and also I found the game rather poor, it’s hard to unlock the scenes and the wait between 2 sex scenes is boring and frustrating. For me the only good use is two play the game for hours, unlocking all scenes and skipping it and when it’s done, replay it to enjoy the scenes one after the others crusing thru a fluent sex story.

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Same, the program repeatedly crashes…

I swear this could be amazing if they actually went in to the game side of this like make a dating sim or something but it just feels like there’s no dedication which is genuinely sad as the content this site produces isn’t all that complex and if they tried I think they could actually become a thing.

cest la vie

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I really love to hear your experience with Dezyred. After buying one game and testing the new scripts when they first released, was mostly my whole experience with Dezyred. I just didn’t see it being worth the price for how much I really get out of it. They do put effort into making everything as scenes though. They could’ve easily decided to use pictures or just let a textbox appear and pausing scenes, but they went all the way to shoot the scenes and record the lines.

They still have not responded to any emails…