[Review] OSR2+ G90ak's Custom Edition - "Lilith"

Calling this a review I’m just here to show off this work of art. A designer OSR2+ put together by @g90ak and me.

It started off as a customized order but quickly sprawled out of control. We both ended up spending more time and money just to have it complete.

The color scheme I’ve chosen appeared to be a N7 (Mass Effect) reference to g90ak but honestly I just wanted a succubus theme and Grim Aloe is the first to enter my head, so I went with her design.


G90ak printed all the plastic parts (except the mount), heat pressed the threaded inserts, assembled the electronics and shipped it to me. I then printed the desk mount and assembled the rest myself. He definitely did all the hard work to make my life easier.

The print quality is exceptional. The surface finishes are smooth to the touch that I could hardly tell that they are 3D printed.

And thanks to his neat wire management, installing servos was a breeze. The threaded inserts made a huge difference too! So easy to assemble and tinker now without worrying about durability.

I replaced the screws with platinum coated ones for the visuals, at the same time realising that this gigachad used two washers for each screw to protect the prints against metal.

He also printed this little top hat for me which fits onto the button nicely.

This springy desk mount is designed by TBD. It uses toggle clamps which is much faster to set up than tightening a screw. There’s slight color differences in the reds since I did this part myself, hope that isn’t too obvious.

And there’s the onahole receiver I’ve designed. He was very careful about the color layers and made sure the stripe patterns aligns when the two parts goes together. Maybe I should make the straps match the color too…

Overall, I’m very satisfied with how it turned out!
Still planning to further touch it up with some waterslide decals (totally treating this thing as a gk-model at this rate).

G90ak does regular drops of his special OSR2+, all with the same artisan quality. Be sure to check them out!



absolutely stunning


My theory is that @g90ak, and you, it seems, are trying to improve the look until the motors and electronics are not needed anymore. You just jerk off looking at the thing… :grin:


Great job with the assembly. Glad I was able to play a small part of making your vision come to life!

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Looks So Good, ill take it!