Riftcat VR / Thehandy with M1 Macbook

Hey guys,

currently i am using riftcat VR / Steam VR + Scriptplayer for thehandy. Its working perfectly, but can i use this setup on my M1 Macbook Air aswell? I heard that Steam VR is not available for Mac?

Are there any free Windows simulators?

Thank you and i hope for a fast response, i need to fap again :smiley:

I recommend that you search the forum a bit because Mac users have been asking this kind of questions many times before. I’m not a Mac user so I can’t answer, but I’ve seen threads going through the options a Mac user has.

Can u help, I’m riftcat user with my cellphone and gear vr how to setup steam vr and script player I’m trying with virtual desktop but it not launch the have another way to use handy player for vr?

You need whirlgig for steam, then you launch riftcat with steamVR, scriptplayer and whirlgig (3 programs in total). Connect scriptplayer with whirlgig aswell as your toy and you are ready to go.
Works perfectly for me.

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