RIP Kagney Linn Karter :(

Porn Star Kagney Linn Karter Dead at 36 After Suicide (

In light of recent comments in another thread where a porn star was looked down upon just because of her job (in spite of being potentially ill with cancer), I just want to bring into attention (despite how obvious it is), that in the end they are people just like the rest of us, prone to suffering just like everybody else, and no amount of money they make makes them invulnerable. Case in point, it absolutely sucks to learn that Kagney Linn Karter has died after suicide.


How sad that is! That is tragic.

so sad. i’ve been having similar thoughts for years, as have a lot of people. but i cant imagine the level of unfair scrutiny that sex workers get, it’s truly horrible. sex work is work. oldest profession in human history. not to get jokey on a suicide post, but they’re called blowJOBS and handJOBS for a reason.

RIP, please talk to someone or make sure you have a safe outlet for these feelings. believe me, it’s very tempting. but it affects so much more than you think.

hopefully Emily Willis is doing ok too, good vibes everywhere.

Y_D :dragon:


100%, makes it even more despicable when they are also loved by fans that respect the work they put in.

Shame that anyone would look down on another for working and contributing something to the world.

For all the shitheads who say oh that’s someone’s daughter etc, I wonder if they keep that same mindset when it becomes a tragedy like this.

Jesse Jane also died on January 24th. Two legendary porn stars passed away in a month

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If you laugh you are a bad person:

Thanks for sharing this @Polt. That’s very sad news. RIP Miss Karter.

Really unique performer. Will be missed.