[RJ01006188] Princess Honey Trap Update! プリンセス・ハニートラップ funscriptplayer mod update


game source

The December 16 update added 9 new scenes.

And my mod has been updated

Filler speed changes to 4 levels depending on the in-game patience gauge.
You can toggle the peeler on/off by pressing TAB

mod link
Paste the game folder
and start game,FunscriptPlayer v1.3

Thank you To4st


horang e


How do I translate this to english :smile:

edit: nvm i just copied some english js and data folder, seems to work :thinking:


Awesome! Was just talking to To4st about modding this, when he told me it was already done by someone else! Looking forward to trying it.

Just a recommendation, but maybe add (Princess Honey Trap) to the title of this post so it’s more easily searchable? I only was able to find this by clicking random japanese titled posts until I stumbled here.


Just played through it. Very nice! A few recommendations though:

It would be good to implement the functionality were you can press 1 or 2 on the keyboard to pause/resume script playback. Right now the only way I could find to pause it is to close the player completely

Including a readme on what all the script-config options do. I can’t tell if you just copied them over from Succubus Academia, or if they affect the game in some way.

Adding scripts for some of the few times with static images “like when Sophia kicks you” would be neat.


New update came out with new scenes and events!


Same here

It’s because the Plugins.js changed in the new update. You will need to manually add the line about buttplugimplementation to the end of the new one, like so:


Make sure the previous line of code also has a , after the }

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update mod, try it

I get this error when I launch the game, am I doing smth wrong?

This mod applies to games updated on December 16, 2023.

ah, so I have the wrong version?

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Been trying it and it seems fine but during the scenes it breaks half way through more often than not and just replaces the rest of the scene with the filler scripts


When the animation ends in the middle of a battle, it’s natural to turn it into a filler script.
If you notice any commands other than loop being executed in the player, please leave a capture.
This mod was created for the December 21st version of RJ01006188.

The issue is not in battle but for the scenes themselves. It seems that it will drop back to the filler script when it tries to go from _2 to _3(ex sp2_2 to sp2_3) and then remain on the filler. This won’t happen in battle though, only in the losing scenes.

So you don’t want to play filler when you flip the scene from _2 to _3?
The only way to do that is to disable the filler with the tab button.
This is because the game is built to stop the animation in CG Room and select another scene.

I think you’ve misunderstood. When it goes from _2 to _3 in battle there is no issues. In the scene when it goes _2 to _3 it plays filler and will not play _3, _4 or _5 at all.

Removing the filler scripts or disabling them does nothing as it will just stop playing after _2 is over.


now for me the player dont detect game at all
Edit: after updating to funscriptplayer 1.3.1 game showed that it cant load some files but i found them here RPGMakerMV/ at mz_master · triacontane/RPGMakerMV · GitHub and the game launch plus player detect game

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