[RJ195257] Fairy Brainwashing Factory 妖精洗脳改造ファクトリー


It’s more like a video player than a game.
But I want to make it because it’s a product that I like.
I remembered that js works in html ! So I made it right away
use funscriptplayer this project

And 99DM help me again Thank you very much!

Also, I plan to work on the other two works of monoxide.
coding has already been completed
Working on a script, thanks if anyone can help.

game download

applied mod full game

just mod file, paste in sys folder

Reference Topic:


Game Download site


Is this a plug 'n play mod? Just open FunscriptPlayer and your browser and it works? Is it still being worked on? Couldn’t get the scripts to play.

I’m using handy.
It works well in Bluetooth mode.
Please try updating to version 1.3.1 on the link.
Call me if it doesn’t work out

For some reason it just keeps telling me “to run this application, you must install .NET core…” When I hit yes, nothing happens. I can’t figure out where to manually download and install it either.

download .NET core 3.1 ver

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Was able to run fun script player at least. Still working on trying to get it to send any commands to the toy.

Sorry, should have been more specific. I’m using microsoft edge, I have edge and opera gx as my browsers, I deleted chrome last year. I have no trouble getting handy to connect to funscriptplayer, I have used many game mods in the past. I think the funscript player isn’t hooking into the browser because it doesn’t list a script to play under status while the video is playing. (I didn’t want to take out the handy for my screenshot but it connects just fine.) Should I still try updating the funscriptplayer? Or should I be opening in chrome?


I’m a big Fan of Sprite Brainwash Factory it’s SO GOOOOD

THX ALOT for the Game Integration @vylon @99DM


down button not work

only can play factory_l.html or factory_s.html

Thank you, I wasn’t understanding the options. Works great

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