[RJ349614] Succubus Battle Simulator サキュバスバトルシミュレーター mode only


For a detailed description of the game, see the sales page.

Here are a few simple features I added.
Pressing “tab” toggles filler mode.
Pressing the “x” or “cancel” button will stop the script.
If you lose a battle, burst mode will be triggered and the script will run at full speed until the battle is completely over.

If you don’t like burst mode, delete the burst.funscript in your player.

Report bug to me and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

mode file only(im not have full game eng)

Overwrite the “www” folder, set the handy to Bluetooth, and run funscriptplayer.

For more information about funscriptplayer, check out the topic.
Thanks to the creator for making this program.

Also, the script was created by 99dm.
Thanks as always.



script ex)


:fire: :fire: :fire: thanks


This was the best translation I could find online, came from the f95 forums about this game, the translation was done by using what is essentially google translate but better, so it is not perfect, but it beats learning Japanese.

To install, unzip and find the www folder in the games file and drag in this file to overwrite the data, it works just fine with this mod so no worries there. Enjoy


Any ideas how I fix this error? :pray:

changed system locale to japanese before unzipping?

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