Rule regarding updating topics

Hello guys,

Why do so many people bring up their topics, particularly on paid scripts, with minor changes like, modified parenthesis with " [ ] ", or adding like one letter or symbol in topic, moved one image from position of the preview, it’s really common and really annoying, there is no regulation on this subject?

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It was a problem with an individual back in september(?). I personally just blocked them, but yes it sucks. I can understand it for game mods, script collections etc but not for individual script topics

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If there’s no comments an edit will bump the topic I’m sure some people use it that way. Personally, I’m pretty fussy when it comes to post formatting/appearance so I’ll edit the smallest thing if I don’t like how it looks. You can see full edit history of every post so I don’t really think it’s an issue.

Recently there was one user that caused a big uproar when it comes to editing posts, I don’t remember the specifics but the user edited all their topics at once, most of which had no comments so they were all bumped and that was pretty annoying. Mods response was to disable editing after a certain time but for many reasons this was rejected by the community and was reverted, I’m sure you can find the threads relating to it somewhere.

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I say this because some people abuse this mechanic.
I’m not talking about a meticulous modification, but modification to be at the top of the category list.

Potential solution.