Rules clarification question

Quick question regarding the rules - I know we aren’t supposed to post scripts others have created, however under the Collections description it implies we can post collections that are of scripts that aren’t our own?

I was thinking of making a “31 days of demon and monster girls” thread for October but didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes since none of the scripts are mine.

I hope that’s okay because I would love to see that

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I think as long as you don’t post the script itself but a link to the original page there shouldn’t be a problem

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Oh that’s not a bad idea. Though I was planning to include Mega links with the scripts and videos together for convenience.

Might go this route at least until I get a definitive answer on the rules

I am pretty certain redistribution of scripts, without the authors prior permission is off limits…

Yeah that was my understanding but the description for Collections reads “Script creators can list all their past scripts here. Or anyone can create their own collection of thematically related scripts.” which to me sounds like you can post anyone’s scripts as part of a larger collection (assuming said scripts are free and available here)

If you read the site wide rules there is no doubt what you can or cannot do.

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