Running two Handy's at once?

Hey all, is it possible to run two Handy’s at once? Thanks

You wanna move a Torso ahah?
Technicaly yes. But they is no software i know for multiple connexion.
Maybe try to look at multiple session. If you can addd a csv script into.
And you can ask on the TheHandy discord too :slight_smile:

I mean you can try, start a session, add two handy blocks and try it that way? Rather convoluted but it could work.

Thanks I’ll give both of those a try. And no! Haha not trying to move a torso, just want to see if you can mimic actions where say two people are doing something at once to one person or, maybe one person is using two hands or one hand and a mouth etc…just anything that requires “multiple variables” you could say :wink: hahaha

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