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S8 Plus and playing vids/scripts locally

Hey guys, I might be a little late to the party here, but I have an S8 plus with GearVR installed on it. I also have a separate Android running the SLR App(old version). For some reason Im no longer able to log into the SLR app which prevents me from syncing up with SLR GearVR and my fleshlight launch. What are my alternatives these days for playing local files and scripts on an Android device.

Ive also bought an Oculus Quest 2 a while back but the USB-C port prevents any external files from being read. Has anyone found a work around for this… Please let me know… thanks

What do you mean by USB-C preventing you from reading the files? You don’t have PC to connect it to or what?

I have a Oculus Go which means i have the same issue. The Go and the Gear VR are no longer supported so some features are missing. There is however a work around.

If you download the Deo VR app on your PC. (free on steam) and virtual desktop on your Gear VR ($9.99 oculus store) you can remote access the Deo VR app on your PC. This has full functionality with the SLR haptics app. If you are not a member of SLR you will need to purchase 1 script (if you haven’t already) If you are a member with the scripts bundle it gets script streaming working again.

I literally found this out yesterday and tested it last night so I know it works.

There are other more fiddly but free ways of doing it but you lose the convenience.

So what I mean is that I cant use a microSD card with a USB-C adapter and plug it into the Oculus Quest 2’s USB-C port. The quest 2 just doesn’t accept external device like that. And as far as hooking up the quest 2 to a PC/laptop, would the quest 2 read vids/scripts? Would the quest 2 see the PC/Laptop as an external device?

Interesting, would I be able to access local vids/scripts on my PC/laptop? and or access those vids/scripts stored on an external hard drive?

You can access script and videos easily. It still has DLNA incase you have it stored on a different PC but otherwise you just navigate to the folder on your computer. If your external harddrive is plugged into your pc you can access it the same way.

So i tried downloading Deo VR on my laptop and bought the vr desktop app in the oculus store but I dont think my laptops are built to push VR. I can see playing the video but when trying to configure the viewing options within the headset it doesnt recognize me clicking around

okay so I made my laptop into a DLNA server. Im able to view vids locally after placing some vids in the video folder in windows. I copied over the corresponding funscript over to the same videos folder and tried playing them to see if the SLR App or the Haptics App would work and nothing. Neither the launch or keon would recognized there was a funscript to play.

What am I missing here?

OK there are a few things I want to check

Did you buy Deo VR on steam?
Have you installed steam VR?
Have you installed the Oculus app on the PC?
Have you installed Virtual Desktop streamer (its the companion app to the one on Gear vr)?

If you have all these programs you need to tell the virtual desktop streamer your oculus user name. (done during set up.)
When you boot up the virtual desktop on the Gear VR it should then show your PC as connectable.
You should now be able to see a virtual version of your screen. Click to one side and the menu will pop in. Under Games you should have Deo Vr as an option.
Launch it.
If you dont have any of the needed software it will tell you and prompt you to download it.

Assuming this is now set up Deo VR will load and you’ll have the Deo VR screen.
Go to the top and in the address bar go to
This should now switch to the SLR version.
Log in to SLR (options at the bottom.)

Now just follow the instructions for linking the Haptics app.
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If you are just using Quest2, deo and DLNA, you need to put the scripts in your interactive folder on your headset and the name of the funscript needs to match the name of the video. For scripts to work in Deo you now need to login to SLR and to have bought at least one script from them or have a sub.

You can also use Heresphere, which is awesome, this will play scripts if in the same folder as the video, but only uses SMB currently, not DLNA. There’s a long thread about Heresphere with instructions etc. You have to sideload it so you need to enable developer on your Q2.

I did not buy Deo VR on steam, it was free
Just installed SteamVR, which i think was the missing key here
Installed Oculus app on my laptop… check
Also installed the virtual desktop streamer on my GearVR and Oculus Quest 2

So i tested everything out on my S8 Plus using GearVR and launched the virtual desktop app within my Library which was 9.99

I followed your steps and they were great. Was able to launch Deo VR under the Games section. It gave me actually 2 options (Oculus or SteamVR went with Oculus).

Logged into slr on deovr then launched the haptics app and tried to do just a regular stream from one of the interactive scripts i purchased on slr and this didnt work. I dont think the Haptics app works well with the Keon.

So i tried again but this time i used the SLR Interactive App and this worked. I was able to play a regular stream from one of the interactive scripts and it worked. Then I went and attached an external harddrive with vr vids along with the funscripts. It was amazing to see this method also worked. When you hit the folder icon within the deovr app it recognized the external HD and clicked on a vr did that had a corresponding funscript and it all work ed. I didnt have to set up no DLNA. Thanks for this… now I have to test this out on the Oculus Quest 2

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