Salvage from RTS idea

idk if this is allowed or if its already done but since the old RTS site is prob gone forever alot of scripts are gone too. I was wonder if it would be a good idea to create a thread dedicated to salvaging scripts from the RTS site that cant be found here. Someone could upload a mega of scripts they’ve collected over the years or someone could request a script that was on there and hopefully someone could reply with the script they got when the site was still up. Could this be possible and are there other ways to improve on this idea, was this already done and I just couldnt find the thread?

you can find most if not all of the RTS scripts (free ones that is) in the #script-creator-portfolios:archived-scripts-from-rts section.

What happened to RTS?

(Yes, I’m new to scripts :smiley: )

Someone posted most of the paid vr scripts from a torrent site, so they shut it down.

Still a little silly way to get around this as normally you just send copyright notice to get the post down. Too bad because posts that contained multiple scripts were not imported correctly - only one script got imported.

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