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I recently completed a 40 minute long script that I believe turned out excellent. However, there are a few spots within the script that behaves a little strange (definitely out of sync) and I’ve spent several days combing through the script frame by frame and even in slow motion and I cannot it.

I was curious if there is any other software out there that I can use to do a deeper dive into the script for analysis? I used both Open and Joy scripter and both provide same level of fidelity.

One concern I have is I use the Launch and thought perhaps that portion was too fast and the Launch was just skipping, but other areas of the script are faster and it works fine.

The area of concern starts around 8:20 through 10:54 (only a few spots)

Futa Wonder Woman & Sindel Comp - Remastered.funscript (278.3 KB)
Futa Wonder Woman & Sindel Comp - Remastered

Honestly, there can be a few cases when even if you did a good job on scripting might cause the inaccurate feeling:

  • Check if your video has constant framerate. OFS and JFS fix the framerate when you load the file - if your video has variable framerate it might look ok in the program but in reality it’s not. Best way to avoid this is to always convert the video to i-frames before start of scripting.
  • There are two limits of your Launch - minimum and maximum speed. If you put a very long, slow stroke it might feel completely different than it should. This is to avoid the device’s mechanism getting stuck.
  • The software can change the script to make it more smooth on your Launch. I think that Scriptplayer can do small corrections here and there to make the expierence less janky (correct me if I’m wrong).

Maybe someone with Launch will be able to confirm it for you.

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i own the launch and im yet to try a script that works 100% perfect as scripted the whole way through, i certainly find it easy to believe that the launch is at fault in this case not the script

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Thank you both for your response. Ya I’ve been leaning on the launch but wasn’t sure. I did check the frame rates of the areas I suspect are an issue and they are consistent with other parts of the script that are similar.

If anyone has another device (handy, etc) I’d love some feedback to see if you see the same issue. Its pretty noticeable, where the up stroke is waaaay faster than it should be. Only happens in a handle of strokes so just threw me off on what the issue was.

Link to the video below

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Finally tested it with the handy, the issue was definitely with the launch! Script was better than I thought haha smooth and on point.

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