Script Average Speed

I may be in the minority here but I like it when a creator of a script also publishes the average speed. It really helps me gauge what type of scene it will be.

Maybe someone with more knowledge than me on scripting should make a dedicated post about average speed ranges and how they translate too slow vs fast paced scenes.

I know some creators do publish the average speed but if you do not please know that it is much appreciated by myself when you do. I may say some encouraging words in the comment section from now on when I see them.

I would gladly do this. I’m just not sure on how to calculate the average speed.


The same here. I’ve never seen it requested before, or where to find that statistic. Is it really a good indicator?

If you upload the script here, the website shows the average speed under the heatmap. - Create, Modify, Enjoy Funscripts

I did check some scripts and slow BJ scene averaged 150ish and bit more rough 280. Scenes with mostly banging going 350, so it would probably be something like:

slow = less than 200
fast = more than 300

Its not perfect but i guess it does give an idea how fast the script will be.


This is 2 different scripts from 2 different videos, just to show what the difference in a heatmap would look like with the average speeds.
I’m not sure how the average speed is calculated, If the video has long intro/end scenes without action my guess would be that the average speed will drop but so will the heatmap.
Hope this helps, and for me it would be no problem to add the info when uploading scripts :wink:

Duration: 25:15 | Average Speed: 371 | Actions: 6441

Duration: 27:53 | Average Speed: 235 | Actions: 5309