[Script Bounties Inside!] Something Special to celebrate 1000 VR Scripts

After putting together my XBVR server (and guide) I realized that my collection has gotten massive, approaching nearly 1000 VR scripts (947 at time of writing, with a few more pending to be put in XBVR).

This community has provided so much in terms of amazing scripts, both free and paid, I wanted to do something special to commemorate this collection milestone and create an OPEN bounty for any veteran scripter to be one of the final scripts to get me to 1000. I’ll plan to save any/all takers scripts until they’re the one(s) to push me up to #1000. What can I say… I’m sentimental! :rofl:

I have done a number of paid bounties in Script Requests in the past, which other users can vouch for my follow-through on, if you have any concerns!

How will it work:

  1. You send me a list of girls you’d be willing to script for, or alternatively I can send you a list of scenes/girls I’d like to see scripted.
  2. You pick one
  3. I pay you a pre-agreed upon bounty - around 5x what the script will be sold for after completion (generally ~$25 USD but negotiable for longer scenes/highly veteran scripters) - This can be paid before or after beginning work, assuming you have sufficient reputation here, though most have opted in the past to have me pay them after.
  4. You send me the script when it’s done, and post it for sale (or free, if you deem so) for others to enjoy!


  • You must have posted at least 1 VR script I have bought, or have at least one free script available for a performer I enjoy
  • Straight, uncensored scenes with single male performer in POV only (“standard” VR porn)

If you are interested in taking part, please post here or DM me. I’d love to talk with you or answer any questions you might have!

Thanks so many hours of enjoyment, and Happy Holidays Eroscripts!

I did not figure this was appropriate for Script Requests since there is no specific script being requested here, but mods please let me know if I should post elsewhere!