Script Collaberations?

hey all, i have had this thought/question going around in my head now for a week so just wanted to lay it out here and see what the response is

i used to make music, and of course sometimes you can collaberate with other artists to make a song, well im wondering if that could be the same with scripts

is it possible with this JFS that a couple of skilled script makers could actually work on certain sections of a script? like just for an example because ive tried there scripts and they are great, lets just say we had @Realcumber and @Husky5383 work on a script together, Realcumber did the first 20 mins and then Husky completed it, then its released in whatever form the guys wanted to release it in (ALL AGREED BEFOREHAND) either paid or free, obviously paid they would need a way to split any profits so maybe free would be better? im not sure on that i just see a community of scripters and think that big huge VR scenes in particular could be done much quicker (and help scripters not go insane :stuck_out_tongue: ) if they were collaberated on,

its just a friendly idea :slight_smile: , i dont no if this already happens? what are your thoughts on this?


It’d be an interesting way to script longer videos perhaps. I could imagine a video that has very obvious sections (eg. bj → cowgirl → doggy) where scripters could split the work. I imagine the style difference might not matter or could even be more interesting if you split along these lines. Maybe for very long VR videos this could be the most helpful.


Good thoughts @Ricster89, ultimately I would agree with @Husky5383 's opinions on that and share his sentiments :slight_smile:

As much as I would love to work side by side with him and others, I think this route may ultimately take longer and likely cause noticeable differences in sections since everyone does script slightly differently and people will likely have preference for choosing the ‘easier’ sections of scenes to script I can understandably imagine.

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I could imagine a collaborative approach being useful in a mulitscene work where someone wanted to do certain scenes but really didn’t want to do others. But I don’t see that situation coming up very often, particularly since so much of the most commonly scripted material is single scenes.

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thanks for the replies guys, i think this is my biggest reason for even thinking about it really :+1:t2:

having different styles in different sections of the video could be a good thing, and yeah the time saving part i mainly meant it would personally save YOU time, as instead of scripting a 50 minute video you are only scripting 10 or 20 minutes of it, that may really appeal to some people,

but yeah, thanks for your input guys :+1:t2:

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Another idea for script collaborations could be similar to a collab that @BitterSwee and I did over at RTS, where he created an awesome PMV and I scripted.

If we have any people who are into video editing, and they would like to put together some stuff I am sure there are some scripters (myself included) that would be interested in this type of joint operation. Especially, if you can create things like the stamina training videos that were quite popular over at RTS.


That’s awesome. I’m all about that.