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Script Endings Question?

In the interest of making better scripts, would you mind voting here to show how you prefer a script to end?

  • Keep speed going at the end regardless of the model?
  • Match the Model even if it may leave you hanging?
  • Not fussed either way?

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Any other feedback always greatly received tyvm :wink:

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Another Option:

Make 2 scripts, one with the real movement at the end and one with a “happy” ending. It’s now the users choice which ending he / she choose.


I’m not entirely sure I understand the question, are we talking fillers to fill up gaps in the script where no action is present or something similar at the end? Or are we talking about so called ruined orgasms in femdom videos? Regardless, I always vote to be true to what happens in the video. Everything else should be optional scripts like @mADsCRIPTS already suggested.

Before TheHandy, when people mainly used Launch, Scriptplayer had the option to add fillers that added strokes when nothing happened in the script. That isn’t possible with TheHandy (at least not yet) since the entire script is uploaded directly to the device when the video starts. I think one of the many software that this great community has created is capable to adding fillers and thus create an alternative script that can be uploaded to TheHandy instead of the original one. I don’t remember which software though since I never used it myself.


Personally prefer the finish to match the action (sometimes I’m not done!)

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I mean more adding at the end once its finished to ensure you get your happy ending but I think everyone is right just include 2 scripts one with and one as is.

I believe that is the easiest way of doing it. Since the last part doesn’t need to be in sync with any action you can use one of the great SW tools here to auto-generate the last part in no time. There are several lua-scripts written for that kind of tasks that can be used with OFS. Check this post if you find anything useful. I haven’t used them myself since I only script VR and only what is happening on screen.

I try and fade out the last parts of scripts slowing down the strokes and setting the last points to the same position as the first points of the script to loop the video

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I’m always going to just switch to another video or just jump back to a part I liked anyway. (And a lot of porn ends with acts I’m not a huge fan of anyway.)