Script I made by mouse movement rattles

I guess I did not turn off the mouse settings so the quick script I made with OFS to test, rattles at the 90-100 positions. Any way to quickly smooth the rattling out with some expansion tool?

In OFS you have a simplifier: View → special functions.

Requires you to select the script portion and a sensitivity

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Thanks, before trying what sensitivity would you suggest as setting to start with?

There is no optimal one, it realy depends on the script, so you realy need to pass each section yourself. It will be time consuming, but its faster than manual work for every node

I can not see the rattle in the script, can I connect the handy while I work on the script and play it or do I have to export it each time and load a player?
And sorry for the supernoob questions.

You need to export it every time

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Used simplifier 0.008 and it quite smoothed out the whole script at once. If this is OK to use it would be quite quick, going thorugh the flic at 0.4 speed by mouse and then one simplify. I am sure it wont meet ES standards but a quick method with acceptable outcome would be nice to script their stored favorites.

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