Script Inverting

So I’m working on a script atm and came across a weird problem in testing. This script works fine at first including insertion scenes but during action scenes, the script seems to invert. At first, I figured it might be the speed but turned on the invert script tool in ScriptPlayer and the script began matching up perfectly. The scenes in question are not much faster than other stuff I’ve done so maybe it’s my Bluetooth connection. I am using OpenFunscripter and testing on the Launch. I am relatively new so it may be a simple fix. Any help is appreciated.

And you are sure you didn’t accidentally scripted it inverted? I know that I did that mistake more than once when I started out scripting. It is usually after some quirky transition that mess things up, e.g. from an ordinary cowgirl to a grinding, i.e. a seamless transition from vertical movement to a horizontal movement and back. Vertical to circular to something else can also mess up your sense of direction. Run your script in OFS or JFS with the simulator in clear view and look if the sim is moving in the right direction there before try to find other causes.

Yeah that happens for me too but I went back and made sure to pay extra attention to the simulator and it looks right. Looking at the SP script position it looks like it has trouble matching up. Tried reducing the speed multiplier but that seems unrelated. For some reason it matches up a lot better when I switch to inverted mode. I’m scratching my head trying to figure this out but it might just be a wonky script.

You may just need to add some delay in ScriptPlayer.
A script being in sync and feeling in sync is not always the same.

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