Script links broken

It was brought to my attention the link to one of my script uploads was broken (link to video still worked OK). I’ve since checked about half a dozen of my earlier posts and on each one the link for the script was broken…has something changed with the site? I’ve checked older posts by other scripters and their script downloads still seem to work. I will admit that I haven’t been using the suggested format but the fact that the links to ALL of them appear to be broken makes it seem like a formatting issue has changed after they had been working for months. Any advice? (I would prefer not to have to re-upload ALL of them :cold_sweat:)

Yes, I mentioned it in the server maintenance thread here. It seems to only be affecting the older attachments.

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I THINK I know what the problem is, currently taking a look to hopefully fix it. I believe this issue only effects attachments from around Sept 2020 and earlier

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You’re right - I checked my most recent script and it was still working. I’ll just hang back and wait to hear more (and re-up any requests that may come in the mean time), thanks fellas.

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I thought I was going crazy yesterday. Literally screwed around with downloading scripts for like an hour trying to diagnose my handy before I figured out it was the site.

gonna close this to consolidate conversation into the original topic Site maintenance beginning July 3 [COMPLETE]