Script making ( Handy / Onyx+ / Keon ) and question about Syncbot


I have read and checked out the post about the syncbot app and sleeve, if i understod it right
i can take any video i have and, it will automaticly make the script…

have anybody tested the syncbot app, and hardware ?, how is it if you compare to others. ( thinking maybe to buy it ).

And can i make a script totaly automatic ,and what software ? ( pc plattform ) for iniface and scriptplayer to use…

Thanks in advice

Hi Thom68,

Yes, our software, SyncPlayer, can analyze any videos of your choice and automatically generate scripts. We have recently updated our AI model, and it currently performs better with real-life porn and realistic 3D animations. Syncbot also offers direct streaming and synchronization with online content from Pornhub.

Alternatively, if you have Funscript collections, you can also use them with Syncbot through our local converter Fun2Sync ( in internal testing ).

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


What are hardware requirements to run the scripting software? I’m traveling right now and ordering a syncbot tomorrow. Just curious if the cheap laptop I brought can handle it.

Hello there, thank you for selecting Syncbot.

The SyncPlayer requires computing power to analyze videos, so having a more capable laptop results in faster analysis.

The Fun2Sync feature essentially assists the SyncPlayer in bypassing the analysis process, leading to consistent and fast performance on all laptops.

On the other hand, the SyncBrowser streams directly from sites like Pornhub, where all videos have already been pre-analyzed. As a result, its performance remains consistent across all laptops.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Why, when I look at this in the Google Store, is it for watching videos with your distant BFF?

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