Script Marathon amateur girls#1

It’s time for another marathon. 10 girls, some of them you may see for the first time, others are already well known.
I planned to do a little more but there is not enough time now, later I will most likely do a sequel, or just release the scripts separately.
The rules in this marathon are slightly different, now I post my scripts also on FapTap. And as soon as there are 15 likes under the last video posted on FapTap, I will post the following.

Likes in this post are not required, but I will be glad if you put them.
The first video has already been posted. MySweetJuly marathon will start.

  1. MySweetJuly FapTap / Eroscripts
  2. WettMelons FapTap / Eroscripts
  3. Seltin Sweety FapTap / Eroscripts
  4. Belleniko Faptap / Eroscripts
  5. Owl Crystal part 1 FapTap / Eroscripts , part 2 FapTap / Eroscripts
  6. Luna Roulette FapTap / Eroscripts
  7. Kate Kuray FapTap / Eroscrits
  8. Kriss Kiss FapTap / Eroscripts
  9. SolaZola FapTap / Eroscripts
  10. Luxury Girl FapTap / Eroscripts

The following video will delight fans of titjob, These big natural tits are made to fit cock

WettMelons with her big boobs is already here and waiting for you.
Next will be a girl whom I myself found quite recently and she immediately captured my attention.


Beautiful Seltin Sweety, I hope she will have more videos soon and I will make more scripts for her
The following girl is in the top 100 on pornhub, but there is still no script with her, I think this needs to be fixed


You’re a gift to us all sir, thank you!
Belleniko is not afraid to use any of her holes, start dating immediately with anal.
Then immediately 2 small videos connected by a simple plot.


Erotic massage from Owl Crystal in two parts
The next girl is also in the top 100 pornhub, but is not popular here. I hope you like her, she has a lot of talents


I’m loving this marathon! Thanks @qweer!

juicy beauty Luna Roulette ready to show you her love
I remind you that to open the next video, you need likes on FapTap under the previous video. Better hurry to put them, because the next girl is already dreaming of giving you an awesome blowjob

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A new qweer marathon!!!
You absolutely must not miss this.
I missed the start, so I’m 3 late and can’t do anything today…
Can’t wait to test and see the next ones.

Kate Kuray does wonders with her mouth. I hope this video will become one of your favorites.
There are 3 girls left, hurry up with the passage of the marathon, one of them is already waiting for her turn


Although the previous video has not yet gained the required number of likes, but for the second day the number of views on FapTap has exceeded 2000

So I decided to post the next video, Kriss Kiss is wearing beautiful lingerie and is coming to you
And if I get 2500 views, then I’ll post the following, with one of my favorite girls


What a great marathon !
the new models are also great
Thank you for all of these scripts !

2500 views have been scored, which means the time has come for SolaZola, I have long wanted to make this script, but constantly put it off, and now it’s ready

There is only one video left, one girl, if you guess who it is, then I will post it right away. If you can’t, then the conditions are the same, 15 likes or overcome the threshold of 3000 views


SolaZola is one of my favorites, thank you for this one and this has been an awesome marathon.

It wouldn’t happen to be LuxuryGirl would it? lol

It’s her, she has a lot of good new videos, but they all have some angles that I don’t like. So I took something else, I’ll post it soon

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As I already wrote, I did not like some of the angles, so I took only the best parts for the new compilation. It’s shorter than the first part, but I think it turned out well.

By the way, all links from the first screen in the topic are real and belong to her, you can subscribe :wink:


Great job on the Amateur Girls Marathon! I haven’t had a chance to try out all of the scripts yet, but I have enjoyed seeing some new girls and liked all of them. :heart_eyes: Thank you for all of your hard work, and please make sure to take some time to rest and recover. I’m always looking forward to seeing what you do next! :+1: