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Script overview page

There are already a lot of scripts in the free and paid area. I’m slowly missing the overview, what should new users do there?

I’ve already thought about creating a forum post with an overview, classified by porn actors. But thats not very structured. Maybe a database makes more sense here?

The layout is kind of similar to the one below…

Arabelle Raphael

Ellie Idol

Emily Willis

Zoey Nixon

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not sure I totally understand the problem you’re facing, can you clarify?
are you having trouble scripts for specific porn stars?

Yes, of course I can clarify. There are already around 500 Free Scripts and 150 Paid Scripts in this forum. I miss some kind of fast overview over all the pornstar scripts. Of course you can use the search function, but for example, I don’t know every porn stars name or don’t have the name in mind. So an overview helps a lot I think.

Imagine yourself as a new user. Would you click on every single post here? It’s too much, but if you have a nice overview I would check this out.

But it’s just an idea. If I’m the only one who wants this overview, I’ll build one for myself :wink:

hmmm i’m open to discussion, but not sure how feasible this would be, manually or automatically created.

this requires that we require scripts to include people’s names in the post or as a tag and people have voiced disapproval at requiring tags. Tagging in general for scripts is kind of a mess imo but not sure how to go about improving it

Sorry for digging out an older thread. But I don’t want to bother you guys, by creating a new thread. And this topic kinda fits, so I post it in here.

I feel like new threads get buried to fast.

For example: I updated some older thread from me with tags. The threads got bumped up, burring newer threads. I didn’t know it would do this, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.

Another example: There are some older threads, where the video link doesn’t work anymore. Someone is asking, if anyone has a new link to it. Thread gets bumped, burring newer threads.

Another example: There is some discussion going on a thread. The discussion keeps this thread up, burring newer threads.

While I am ok with how it works, because it’s a forum and it works like this, I would like to maybe have an better and easy way of showing new threads?

Like for example having a button for:
“This weeks new free scripts”
“This weeks new paid scripts”

And it just shows all the new threads for free or paid scripts.

I know, that the “latest” button kinda is like that. But it doesn’t just show scripts, it shows every thread. This is for an additional overview for the users for just new scripts, that might be good? There are probably people, who are just able to look in here like two or three times a weeks. So they can just filter really fast and easy for new scripts.

I am also want to be honest. I don’t want to spend hours working on a script and then and get’s buried after few hours.

Does anybody feels the same? Or am I just alone with this and you guys don’t think it’s a big deal.

I experience the same issue as you, but I’ve found that the New tab accomplishes what you’re asking just fine for me.

You could also use advanced search to filter by unread topics in a specific category, but this seems like a less common use case.


Thank you for the answer.

Yes and no. Like I said, every new post gets shown. Some people just want to see, what new scripts there are.

Because it’s too complicated and takes too long. People want it easy and fast. The easier and faster, the better. That’s why I suggested a single button, that shows script from this week.

ah I am blind. Each individual category also has its own New tab