Script player coonnection key emulation

As many of you know there are a lot of initface desktop compatible devices that do not support wifi connectivity. It would be a cool idea to implement a virtual local network from initface desktop or something similar that allows non handy devices to work with handy only community applications.

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I would love to have something like that! I’m no programer so I have no idea how this could work but I support this statement!

This might be possible, but it would not be straight forward and platform independent.
Basically the easiest way is to redirect the handy api domain to localhost (this has to be done with admin privileges) in the hosts file (this depends on your OS).
Create a local (proxy) server that interprets the commands and translates them to intiface through websocket… this can be problemnatic, since handy has a feature that do this until I say it otherwise and I do not think (but very well might be) that is how intiface works…
My biggest issue after all that is I do not know how the intiface communicates through WS and I do not think I will have the time to figure it out and write it in the next 2-4 weeks.