Script Player for Linux?

Just curious what players work on Linux and what the best one is for it?

Looking to install a player on my steam deck for travel. I use it as a laptop replacement.

You might want to specify what toy it is supposed to work with.

I know Scriptplayer works in wine, but is a bit of hassle to figure out what libraries are required.

I have a Launch. I use Script Player on my PC. So that’s good to know.

Yeah, I forgot to add all details. I have to use Intiface Central linux edition, and hook Scriptplayer to that one. Direct bluetooth will most likely not work, or did not work for me.

I use this on steamdeck

you can run stash locally, it has a native linux binary build.
you can also run some windows programs in WINE but you might need to tinker a bit cause lots of said programs require libraries such as NET or else, i recommend you install winetricks
for non-3D softwares, VMs are a good choice, maybe the best choice but you probably cant do that reliably on SteamOS due to its immutable nature