Script player isnt playing any videos

Hi Guys.

So my scriptplayer isn’t working. To be more specific, its running the programme and when a video is loaded, nothing comes out. Just a blank screen, no audio and the video seems to be loaded but not running. I’ve made sure I’m using all the codecs because I installed K lite codec (twice) to make sure that i have all the codecs. Nth is working. I’ve also reinstalled script player and tried different versions including the latest beta 1.11 and the previous stable one. I’m running windows 10 N if that helps. please help.

did you try different videos or just one?

Tried a variety of video. Long ones, short ones. Small files in few megabytes and 1.gig types. None work.

have you tried a different video player in the dropdown menu? (VLC, MPC-HC, etc)

Yeap I did all that and no luck. As silly as it sounds. I suspect is the version of windows that I installed. Windows 10 Home N for whatever reason may not have the necessary codec to play. Once I reinstalled a normal windows 10, it started working again.

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