Script player question

so i have been using ScriptPlayer…I can’t remember where I got it from or if it is similar or the same as others use but I was wondering if it can be used for macs. Are there any out there that are mac compatible. Because I would love to try out as many of the great scripts and vids people are putting out but the windows-based laptop I use to script with is bare bones…maybe 32 GB storage or something really small. I don’t want to go out and buy another with more storage because I loathe windows. But my storage runs out quickly and I have to decide to keep scripts and vids that I like that everyone has submitted and the ones I am working on OR not continue dumping some on jump drives.
Any advice would be appreciated.

What device are you using? That’s going to affect your options.

i have an imac, a macbook. i have been using a shitty little asus laptop with VERY LITTLE storage that I got just to start scripting. i bought it new so it is updated to today’s standards. it just has no storage. I should have gotten a laptop with more storage but i don’t care for windows and i had NO IDEA that scripting and access to others’ scripts was such a widespread field.

The way i script is by using funsjacks funscripting addon for blender for blender.
Blender is multiplatform and does have a macOS version, so this could be a viable solution.

For playback there is Syncydink which has a somewhat convoluted setup, but generally supports most devices and is multiplatform.

thanks. where would i find the syncydink?

By device, I meant launch, handy, osr2, etc.

Syncidink works if you have the launch, but I don’t think it supports the other two devices yet. OSR2, you might be able to use XTPlayer? I’m under the impression that some linux software can be run on macs, but I don’t know how that works exactly. Handy I don’t know about.

Or there’s always virtual machines, but I’m not sure how well that would work with the hardware stuff.

yeah. i have two launches that i am currently using so that shouldn’t be an issue. i am afraid the solution really would be to invest in a more substantial windows pc/laptop. I just really hate buying one with more storage when i am only using it to make scripts and download others’ scripts and vids. oh well…

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