Script pricing?

What’s do people usually charge for scripting stuff for people?I’ve made a few free scripts on here but that was stuff I wanted for myself

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Just a quick romp through other sites like Gumroad gives between 1 and 5 USD.

I’d refer to @mADsCRIPTS post about this as I agree with its stmt. usually between 1-5 dollars. Pricing depends on length and difficulty of script (bj scripts are notoriously harder so usually complex stuff gets higher pricing)

Yea I’ve found that scripting BJ’s take the longest

$1 per 10 minutes of actually scripted content is like the going rate for RS and SLR.

That seems fair way of working it out👍🏻

Scripting may seem easy , however scripters have to spend lots of time onto a video. let’s say a 10 min video. ( Depending on the scene and intensity of the thrust and also the amount of strokes in a video.) Good Scripters could take at least a good 10 hours to confirms its accuracy and speed.

If you convert it to a minimum wage , its not even a sustainable business to begin with. I honestly do not think that charging $3-$4 is not a bad idea.

Think of it as trade off for the scripters time and your enjoyment as well.

Its a pretty good deal imo. :slight_smile:

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Creating scripts does have a 0 marginal cost of production, meaning you could theoretically create it once and sell it an infinite number of times. Of course that also depends on your total addressable market and customer base. Not sure how much you’re expecting these to grow over time.

That is to say the specific price of a script doesn’t necessarily dictate how much money you’ll end up making with it.

(economics rambling)

Kind of depends on usage too, if the scripter is getting paid per purchase than $1-5 makes sense depending on length. If its a one time commission of a script though I feel like a scripter would be able to request more within reason.

Not gonna lie, I actually spend hours to finish a video that’s few minutes long.

The time to script differs from the script style that I am using.

For example, This hentai was 38 mins long, and had about 18 mins of actual sex scene.

All the patterns were made by my hand without any auto scripting programs and included numerous types of gimmicks. (It has more than 10K actions)
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I would have asked more than 100$ if someone requested this hentai personally. (I only did this for free because I also loved this series.)

But if the video is too simple to add exaggerated patterns or complex movements, It takes like 3~5 mins to script a minute.
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This is why I think It’s hard to find a optimal price for scripts since they all have different qualities.

I think my pricing isn’t cheap since I don’t upload the requested paid scripts over here. I always wondered if the person who requested the script will feel more satisfied if he was the only person to own that specific script. (This sounds like NFT lol)


Yeah, I found the answers here pretty weird. I interpreted the question as “How much do people charge to make me a custom script”, for which the correct answer would be anywhere from 75 - 175 dollars (imho). I think most of the answers are referring to how much these sellers then sell the script for elsewhere, which seems to be between 3 and 6 dollars.

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most of the sales of a script are within a month of release after that the sales of that script will drop so yes it can make money for a long time but in reality about 70-80% will be earned in the first month after release.

For a script between 45min and 1h I ask 2$. If someone ask me to do a custom video of this length I ask around 25 30$.

I’d argue that with a large enough backlog, and maybe with more discoverability of older content, that long tail of continued sales would actually be a decent source of longer term revenue. This is all theoretical of course.

To expand the discussion a bit. Choosing the right curreny is also important. My sales data shows, that the most open handed people are from the us:

Country Perc on Sales
:us: United States 60 %
:canada: Canada 8 %
:austria: Austria 7 %
:netherlands: Netherlands 4 %
:australia: Australia 4 %
:uk: United Kingdom 4 %
:fr: France 3 %
:norway: Norway 3 %
:belgium: Belgium 2 %
:ireland: Ireland 1 %
:de: Germany 1 %
:finland: Finland 1 %
:denmark: Denmark 1 %
:sweden: Sweden 1 %

My summary of sales inside europe is around 28%

Maybe I just sell the wrong stuff for the european toy user :sweat_smile:


IM from portugal and didnt know that sex toys for vr exist until now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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