Script recommendations?


I was wondering if anyone had any script recommendations? Im specifically looking for slow paced scripts that build up over time, something that’s good for edging. Endurance scripts that I can enjoy for up to an hour if I wish to, looping it over and over.

Any takers?

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Do you already tryed The Jerk Off Games scripts?

It feels like people has asked for slow paced scripts numerous times lately. Search for “slow script” and you will get a bunch of threads on the topic with suggestions.

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Add to that that it should be mandatory to describe what slow means to you. Sorry but there is no way random folks over internet will know what’s good for edging for you.

Looking into it now, thanx for the tip.

Im not sure how to describe it. I can give it another shot.

Slow build-up, going from green ish to yellow to orange/red on a script, then either re-start or back down again.
I really like rhythms aswell. Like 1 - 1-2-3 - 1 - 1-2-3 - 1

If you have any suggestion how I can better describe it im all ears.

Maybe HandyControl 1.2.3 (28.11.2021) - Added Support for Pyro (Remote Control) is something that is of interest for you. It has a script sequencer where you could build your own scripts according to your taste. HandyControl - How to create scripts with the Script Sequencer

Note that HandyControl has a bunch of scripts that is a bit like what you describe. There are heatmaps for some of them and pictures for some of them in this post HandyControl 1.2.3 (28.11.2021) - Added Support for Pyro (Remote Control) - #30 by Lucifie (same thread as above but a specific post in the rather long thread).

I thought that maybe you could link a script that’s slow enough for you or an example of the video you think it’s slow. It’s just that some people find something slow that other would find very fast.

I tried to create scripts with that, but its just a little too complicated for me. I hope there will come something a little more ‘dummy friendly’ soon when it comes to making scripts.

Actually one of my favourite scripts is the ‘Endurance’ scripts that comes with Handyplayer. Just a basic up and down, but it increases in speed and stroke length slowly over time which feels great.

Endurance.funscript (38.7 KB)

PMV - JerkIt 1.funscript (11.6 KB)

Simple Beat Training Challenge (Martoise) Hard Mode.funscript (133.5 KB)
(Really like the first and last in this one)