Scripters: Do you enjoy scenes less after scripting them?

Whenever I have new favourite scene in VR, I need to pace myself and only let myself watch it in something like two-week intervals, because if I watch it more often it gets repetitive and loses much of the novelty and urgency it had the first few times.

When scripting, you have to work with a scene for hours and hours - doesn’t that make the scene feel… I don’t know, rather old and boring once you’re done?

Obviously, having that script and being able to enjoy the scene in a more immersive manner heightens one’s enjoyment, but do scripters perhaps enjoy their scripted scenes less than the people who didn’t spend all those hours with the video?


Yup, its the only reason I haven’t scripted too many Hentai’s personally, it sucks the joy out of enjoying them myself but if its one I’ve enjoyed a ton previously I might get to it


sadly, yes.

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Absolutely, so most of the scripts I make are for videos I like. What I do is I make the script and as much as I want to play it, I usually keep it aside and do other videos, and when I almost forgot about the other videos its super hot to play them then.


That’s a really good strategy, I think. I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at scripting some of my favourite scenes, but the idea that I’d be spoiling them for myself has been keeping me from actually firing up the scripting app I have installed.

Perhaps I should just do one, and then let it rest for a long time before I revisit it. Or, I suppose, just pay someone to do the job for me.

For me, this expectation, on the contrary, fuels interest. I write most of the scripts for myself and I love these videos, so I’m happy to finish and try the new script, which recently was a simple picture on the screen

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me too, always better to script what you enjoy, or what turns you on

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I send a video, you send a video. And we write the scripts for one another, to avoid scene burn out.


Less. I find myself thinking more about the script than the video…

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It depends. There are some scripts that I come back to more often, mainly due to the actress and the video itself. I probably have a few scripts that I’ve created that I never got around to use again. However, the main issue is more of the fact that I’ve got too many scripts and even if I wanked twice a day for a year I would still not be able to go through all the scripts I’ve created, downloaded and bought the last couple of years.


For me i generaly prefer CH style videos over motion based ones anyway. And for CH videos i will generaly script videos i consider interesting to do anyway (and so far none of those have caused me to enjoy them less). But to me its also mostly because either the already made scripts arent what im looking for (half strokes, or extra patterns in strokes - if its a CH video i purely want straight very repetitive beat movement), or it isnt made yet.

For the action based, i rarely turn them on, especialy since there are a lot of options for this anyway, and in most cases they simply miss a bit of the experience (the actual interaction is missing). But when i do turn them on, i dont enjoy them less. Especialy since in that case im truly in the mood for them. Self scripted or not doesnt matter here then. But thats also why i often take futa roleplaying videos for scripting (there is no interaction missing then, its the entire purpose of the video to be like that).

Ofcourse, scripting it can often make your expectations more than what i will become. But thats why i generaly do test them afterward (and often a few times when its partialy done). In most cases its what im expecting, which for me is fine. And yes, usualy during these moments it will feel extra good.

But on that, making the script is also some sort of enjoyment you cant get otherwise. Its those mindgames that are part of the fun, and thats why it initialy is more intense. And thats a part you can only get when scripting it yourself. Once done, it for that reason will never be equal to that. But thats truly just your own mind.

YES! and thats the reason i stopped scripting, because its ALOT of work and then i find myself not enjoying the scene and script after i finished making it and i felt i had wasted time too many times, i enjoy others work way more than my own when it comes to scripts, happy to pay money for there hard work too :+1:

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The most times yes, I less enjoy the scenes after scripting. Sometimes I ask myself why I took the time to script that scene. In the same time I could have also jerkoff ten times.

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Yes i experienced this. Its kind of why i gravitate towards scripting pmvs or based on music nowadays. I just kinda buy the scripts that i think are hot and i dont proactively try to find porn i want to script. Unless its one of the few i always check, specifically jav


Reading the replies in this thread, most of them confirming my belief that I would spoil scenes for myself by scripting them, I’ve become even more convinced that we need AI tools to do the scripting for us. Thankfully, we appear to be in a period of transformative development with regard to AI. As long as we don’t create Skynet or a paperclip maximizer apocalypse, we’re looking at good times ahead.

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Probably could retrain a network used for self-driving for exactly this given enough videos and scripts. I’ve been thinking about this a bit myself because while I would love to script some of my favorites, I would love them to stay my favorites.

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No, but I also fully admit that I am weird. Part of the satisfaction is enjoying the results of my hard work.

I WILL say that this is the reason I don’t take requests and also why I haven’t made this a side hustle/money making endeavor. I script what I want because I want to.

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Absolutely. For me, it depends more on how much I like the video before I started scripting. I’ve scripted a couple video I’ve found in the script requests section that I enjoyed enough to script but once it’s over, I’ll rarely go back to it again since I’ll be thinking more about how long/hard it was to script certain parts of the video. On the flip side, if there is a video a really like (like all of the JOI compilations I’m working on right now) then I have no problems watching them over and over.

Previously, I used to kind of burn out on scenes I’d scripted until I found ways around it. I would find after scripting a whole scene start to finish I needed an extended break from that scene. Now I do two things to remove the burnout entirely:

  1. Make use of the AI scripting tool here on eroscripts. Once you get good with it, it removes so much of the heavy lifting and so much of the burnout.
  2. Script in sections. So I’ll script a particular part of a scene, then move to another scene and script a part of that, and I’ll continue to rotate.This actually has me enjoy scenes I’ve scripted MORE rather than less as I can’t wait to try out sections of scenes I really like. For science, of course!
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Not really. When I am scripting I am usually paying attention and have a particular tunel vision to a particular body parts. (This is especially true for scripting 3-D videos.)

For example, I am paying attention to distance between a man’s belly button and the actress’s Thigh tatto, or man’s pubic mound and women’s clitoris.

Also usually I am frustrated sometimes when I can’t find the two distance points in MTFG. so all I’m looking at movement of two pink squares. not really the actress herself.

You are not looking at the whole picture, which does not create the sexual atmosphere. In order to enjoy these materials truly you have to pay attention to the continued moans and sounds, up and down movements and jiggles of her entire body and the erotic expressions ont heir faces. These things need to come together without pause to create the “magic”.

So until I ‘test’ them after scripting I am not sick of the script. I would be if I am staring at close up of the “entrance points”.