Scripting games

guys is there any way that i can script this two games by myself

There’s this

Don’t know how/if it works with Unity games. I imagine you can make a Unity mod for it or something like that but it would definitely require a pretty deep knowledge of Unity plus you would also probably need the full source code to go that way.

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No. You’d need the source code to integrate a library that controls toys, implement the movement, then rebuild the games.

There really aren’t many adult games synced to toys, unless it’s a Lovense integration done for money (perhaps a commission on toy sales via link in the game, or something along those lines, if not actual cash). Which is basically worthless, so it’s no different than no integration at all.

With some time and effort, you could do something with Ren’Py games, where you always have access to the source files (sometimes only after a bit of work to unpack and decompile them). A typical Ren’Py game that has animations just plays video files, typically in a loop until moving on with either player interaction or a timer. It would be possible, in principle, to script those individual videos and have those scripts played back with a toy controller interface like EDI, mentioned in the previous response. But you definitely need to be a programmer, and need to be prepared to dig through what is often really bad code. And you need to do that for each game you want to script. And if the game isn’t completed, your work would need to be manually ported to the updated versions, before adding scripts for any new content.

But for Unity, you’ll need to convince the devs to do it themselves. Gathering the required information for how to do it beforehand would be wise.

I’ve seen some recorded game footage of Redamz’s Monster Girl Island. Scripting to those might be a good starting point. If your script is complete they can be used by others if they are interested in modding the game.

There are examples of success with BepInEx plugins such as Lilian Night and the entire LoveMachine project, so I’d say it’s somewhat possible. The complexity differs and it is certainly better if implemented by the game dev than a third party modder.


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