Scripting help

Not new to scripting but I have been desperately trying to get this right. I just don’t understand how people’s first scripts come out so well I’ve tried numerous times and it’s not easy. Any suggestions as to the easiest way to be accurate? Is a joystick method easier?

Easy = OFS and Motion Tracker Addon
Accurate = OFS with Frame by Frame scripting

Just my opinion


In general, going frame by frame will give you the upmost accuracy. You might find it easier to do that than to use a joystick, and then nearly go frame by frame to fix/confirm the script.


Using joystick, mouse or similar requires lots of training if you want an accurate script and even then you need to check it and make corrections afterwards. Frame by frame is the easiest and fastest wayfor a beginner to produce quality scripts (from a learning point of view). However, it’s time consuming and the Motion Tracker Addon can speed things up. But again, you need to check the auto-generated points if you want to maintain high accuracy. It can reduce time for parts of a video, but it can’t deal with complex movements, e.g. hip rotations, blowjobs etc. and bad camera angles in a good way.


Thank you all for your input much appreciated


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