Scripting motions in same direction over and over

I have a scripting problem. I made another script for for the event the left and right hand move down the shaft at a HJ quickly one after the other /repeat, for a really long period of time. Now only thing I can do is go back to 100% after each hand reaches the belly. This sounds legit and looks OK but going back is fast and feels like an unnecessary stroke. I find this quite unscriptable. How do you guys solve motions like this?

a. Replace the 2nd downward stroke with an upward stroke.
b. Cut back to top halfway during a stroke. Add some positional differences over the span of this action.

It has happened more than once that I skip scripting a video due to the action in the video. Other things that can be unscriptable are insanely fast pounding, or there are multiple guys in a flat video so there is no clear way of scripting (depends on what part the viewer watch). The latter is no issue in VR since there you know which to script.

However, depending on how many “milking strokes” there might be an alternative to Falafels b option that I’ve used many times. You do maybe a 40% stroke then go back 10-20%, then 40% again. The 10-20% return moves doesn’t feel that much compared to the longer ones in the correct direction. Eventually you have gone from the bottom to the top so you can do this a limited number of strokes.

I also tend to “hide” return strokes when the girls moves the angle of the dick even if there is no actual stroke. That way there is at least a corresponding movement on screen for the return stroke. This is something I often use when the girl licking the shaft/balls because the girl often push the dick away to reach down with her tounge.

Yeah I did b. and it feels weird too much and fast motion. The cut back is red as there is not enough time overall.
Will try a. and only script one hand as that is what a. is.
Yeah I am learning it the hard way that not every video is scriptable.

For me a new rule is “no fast cutbacks” they will spoil the script if regularly occurring.