Scripting multiple at once


I’m new to scripting and I’m starting to think that I’d prefer to work on several at once, hoping it will be more efficient and keep things interesting.
Think I might try 5 at a time and see how that goes.
Wondering how many scripts the more experienced scripters work on concurrently and whether there was any general advice on this?

With the introduction of the ‘incomplete scripts’ category (nice idea), has this made you less likely to focus/complete single scripts and made you more inclined to work on a larger number than usual?


I can only speak from my personal experience, but i’ve always worked on one script at the time. I do jump around the scene quite a bit, so that’s the method what works for me. The key is also not to use the script before it’s done or i lose interest in finishing the script.

If you haven’t done much scripting, i would start with some shorter videos before doing any longer projects. Once you feel confident with the scripting, then i would start thinking about making more than one at the time. Every person is different so it’s up to you what you feel like works for you, but i would go for quality over quantity.

Also if you used some script what you thought was good, i would recommend opening it in OFS/JFS to see how they did the script.

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When I started I did like half of idk 10 scripts and gave up on each. I have a much better feel for how to program the device to match the actions on screen now, speed is really the most important since if you try to match the distance on screen 1:1 the range of motion on the handy will typically give you an unsatisfactory result. Especially if your scripting like a 12 inch black dude. I finish on average much more of my scripts now but I think thats just because I can tell up front if i’ll enjoy the end product now and if it’s even conducive to scripting in the first place. Don’t just try to script something just because it turns you on, it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy the final product. But I gess my advice is don’t force the scripting process until your like 70 percent done and don’t get attached to a script if it’s not working. And def DO test it after you script a minute or two to check if it feels right if you’re going for accuracy. Sometimes you need to add 10 or make certain micro adjustments places if a stroke is slow 40 percent and speeds up towards to bottom. Don’t worry about faster motions because once you get out of frame by frame you can’t ever notice anyways.

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Have to agree on sticking to one script at a time. My problem is I would start a script, not finish it then start another one and before I knew it I had five six scripts that were unfinished.

A few pointers from my experience.

-Dedicate your time to different things:
1.Spend one session sifting through videos finding something you would like to script.
2. Spend one session actually scripting.
3. Spend one session just enjoying your toy, whether it be your own scripts or others.
4. spend one session doing research and development. Figure out the stroke length for your member and make note of it.
9 hits the very top
6 hits the halfway mark
1 is crushing my balls

Use these as reference when you’re doing your scripts.

And finally take notes during your testing.
1min37sec increase stroke length
2min22sec decrease speed
3min48sec timing is off
4min22sec restart from this point because I just blew my load :+1:


I respect the other posters opinions. But I work on 2-3 at once. Some ppl sit down and hammer it out like a job or they are beating a video game. I just do a little here and there when I have the time. I find the variety of videos keeps me more engaged and it keeps my quality at a relative high level. If I do just one. Odds are I’ll get really bored before its done, rush to finish it and quality suffersEdit: keep in mind I’m probably the slowest scripter on this site lmao

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I tend to work at one script at a time, but i always have a second script that i want to do just for myself that i work on when i just finished a script and waiting for:
1 it to be checked by quality control and it being send to the poolers, and uploaded to SLR.
2 the discord poolers have paid their pledge for the next script project.
That secondary script is one that i will only spend time on in that short period. and then again after i finish the next pooler script.

There is no right or wrong way you can focus on one or work on 5 at a time. You just have to figure out what works for you, but when you work at too many scripts at a time there is a bigger chance you wont finish them all, so if i where you i would limit it to two or three.

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