Scripting my first scene. Have questions

In this video, the girl begins by touching and rubbing the guy’s cock through his pants before quickly removing them. Should I script this as well?

Its really up to you and your “style” but me personally, I would. Any action on little jr I’ll try to replicate.

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That’s what I was thinking. It’s the miss banana Swedish girl sucks big cock video. What about where her hand is on his cock while she’s licking the head?

I actually had a poll about that and got roughly 50/50 on if people prefer it scripted or not. So do what you prefer since whatever you choose half will prefer the other option :wink:

Like Cloudfyre already that, it’s up to you. I set myself a rule, where I script anything in, that you would feel in real life as well. So I’d script it in.

Also, like sentinel pointed out, everybody has a different taste. You won’t satisfy everybody and that’s also nothing you should care too much about. There is no way to reach everybody.

Focus on one thing. In this case, I’d focus on the licking head stuff. Blowjob scenes can be quite difficult. Often two things at once, sometimes even in a different direction. For example, sucking top, stroking bottom part. Her head goes up, her hand goes down. Focus on one thing. Sometimes it’s possible to script both things at once. It depends.

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Before I got a Handy, I’d often watch videos and try to replicate the action myself as closely as possible. So my rule of thumb when scripting is whatever I would have done with my one hand to replicate, that’s what I script. That’s usually how I resolve questions of ‘what do when there’s more than one thing happening at once’ etc.

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