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Not sure if this is really the right place to ask (and please don’t interpret this as promotion, I’m not linking to anything) but my wife and I are starting an onlyfans and I was thinking of scripting some of our content for devices like the handy etc. Does anyone know of a platform where you can sell both clips and scripts together? I don’t think I can do it through OF directly

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Gumroad is the place you can do that :wink:

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You could maybe do it via OnlyFans tips? Mention there’s a script available and to tip say $4, then send a link with the script via private message?

It might also be worth asking OnlyFans support directly, they’ll probably be happy to help if they can as they’ll then get a cut of each sale.

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Thank you! Looks like they do not allow porn though… but it is still an option for selling just the scripts!

Thank you for the suggestion! I think I’ll have to check with support… Last I checked its a no-no to send links in PMs.

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FapTap lists clips and scripts together, but I don’t know about monetizing.

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Gumroad don’t allow hardcore adult stuff.

Maybe you can attach a scriptfile on I would go the easy way, sell videos over OF and advertise the funscripts that are purchasable over gumroad in the videos.

But a site like OF should slighlty jump on the interactive toy train. Maybe contact the OF team an describe the advantages of providing funscripts over OF.


curious why you guys wanna start an only fans?

you know the average earnings from OnlyFans is $180/month

kinna low to publicly sell ur bodies imo. Can be alot more tho if already have a big following…

Manyvids is also an option; I’ve provided scripts for some MV creators who I have bought customs from, so that they can include it alongside the video. Don’t think they’ve ever included the scripts, but I gace them the option. However, a creator can list it as a store item, and then just email the script across, much like any other digital store item sold on MV.

Out of curiosity, could they ask for a tip for the script on Onlyfans, then once they have tipped you, you send them the script through email? I know both of these are basically just emailing the the script, and GumRoad is definitely the preferable option.

Whatever route you go, I would definitely mention in your profile(s), that you produce accompanying scripts to sync to videos, as it’ll give you an edge over the competition. I personally have not come across a creator who produces their own scripts along with their videos, so what you would be doing is very uncommon, but it should also play in your favour.


might be best scripting them and selling them on here linked to the OF site

not saying they could sell the video there but they could sell the script on gumroad :wink:
the video on other hand that’s a bit hard but i heard Manyvids also is a pay to see / download site

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